Our Mission

G’Day Tours is a boutique travel brand catering for the discerning traveller, offering you a unique quintessential experience, when visiting a continent full of diversity, rich culture and heritage. We combine adventure with unparalleled cultural immersion in the world’s greatest destination, Australia.

Our in-depth questionnaire allows our travel experts to provide you with a unique travel identikit for a dream vacation. Create your very own ‘Bucket List’ including exhilarating adventures, exquisite food and local wines, wholeness and wellbeing, high end Australian brand fashion, pleasure, leisure and entertainment, for family, couples, business and solo travellers.

We are proud to offer you services such as having your own butler, nanny, private chef, travel agent, pilot, chauffeur, captain, interpreter, health and wellness coach, personal shopper and travel companion. Our services also include introductions to business advisors, real estate and immigration agents, art consultants, and investment opportunities.

It’s simple, really, G’Day Tours designs and creates some of Australia’s most immersive, inspiring and unforgettable journeys. Crafted from the finest ingredients, exceptional lodgings, incomparable insider access, and stellar food and wine. With over 40 years industry experience, we explore places remote and simply sublime. G’Day Tours are proud to be known as the ultimate travel curators in Australia, providing you signature experiences for a priceless wanderlust footprint.


Melissa Don Port  Founder and Director

Melissa Don Port
Founder and Director

Sandra Pelekanakis  Travel Destination Manager

Sandra Pelekanakis
Travel Destination Manager

Alan Kanuk  Business Advisor

Alan Kanuk
Business Advisor

Elliott Placks  Real Estate Agent

Elliott Placks
Real Estate Agent

Bambi Blumberg  Art Consultant

Bambi Blumberg
Art Consultant

Nadine Saacks  Photographer

Nadine Saacks

Julian Pouteau  Private Chef

Julian Pouteau
Private Chef

Ingrid Meskin  Immigration Advisor

Ingrid Meskin
Immigration Advisor

Jenny Soicher  Personal Guide

Jenny Soicher
Personal Guide

Sherri Reginato  Personal Guide

Sherri Reginato
Personal Guide

Lucy Lui  Mandarin Interpreter

Lucy Lui
Mandarin Interpreter

Henry Roth  Personal Shopper

Henry Roth
Personal Shopper

Andrew Hampson  Personal Yogi

Andrew Hampson
Personal Yogi

Willow Bate  Fitness Instructor

Willow Bate
Fitness Instructor

Sam Joske  Golfing Consultant

Sam Joske
Golfing Consultant